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Step Up Your Fitness with Gyrotonic Pilates

Step Up Your Fitness with Gyrotonic Pilates

Honestly, “gyrotonics” sounds like it could be some kind of mixed drink or the latest mechanism on a NASA spacecraft. Fortunately, it’s neither of those things.

Gyrotonics is a training method that goes hand-in-hand with Pilates. It is based on the principles of yoga, dance, tai chi and swimming. Those may seem like a rather eclectic mix of activities, however, there is one commonality you can find in all four exercise methodologies: fluid, continuous motion.

Flowing Movement

If you’ve ever done yoga, you’ve probably heard of the Downward Dog pose. Tai chi practitioners place a heavy emphasis on energy flow and expressing that energy through various liquid-like movements. Likewise, swimmers and dancers practice a full range of motion, linking one movement to the next.

The basic principle behind gyrotonics is the culmination of all of the above. Gyrotonics focuses on movements across multiple planes, involving rotation rather than static flexion. The objective is to exercise the muscles through a full range of motion without any definitive or abrupt starting or stopping point. The goal is to have the muscles engaged through the entire range of motion, increasing mobility and flexibility as well as increasing strength.

Controlled Motion Equipment

Unlike exercising with free weights, gyrotonics uses machinery with handles and pulleys to help control movement. This makes the range of motion movements much safer as you’re developing your strength, mobility and flexibility. Physique and natural motion habits cause various muscles to become over developed. As a result, free weights can cause you to run the risk of losing control when weaker muscles are required to engage to stabilize weight. The handles and pulleys on gyrotonic machines are a more controlled environment and help prevent this from happening.

Benefits of Gyrotonics

Peek in on a gyrotonics class and you’ll see a lot of arching, spiraling and circular movements. Naturally, these motions are a huge part of what makes gyrotonics so effective. In addition to building strength, gyrotonics improves balance, coordination and agility. As your body gets used to moving through a full range of motion, your joints and muscles start working as a fully functioning unit. This means that you will see less overdevelopment of various muscles and a resulting decrease in aches and pains that come from everyday life.

Injury and Pain Prevention

You will also find that as your body develops, it will respond differently to different positions. For example, your back will gain support from the abdominal core muscles. This will provide stability during movement and support during extended periods of sitting. Ultimately, this strength should help prevent injury and reduce back pain.

Fitness, Wellness and Beyond

Here at Pilates in the Pines, we strive to offer the types of classes that will not only improve your fitness, but will also improve your overall health. We offer gyrotonic classes and more. Call to schedule your first session today: 720-733-9307