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Archives from July 2014

Pilates Makes You a Better Cyclist

Pilates can help cyclists ride better, feel better and look better. And contrary to popular notion, cycling and Pilates are not opposing sports. They lend themselves to each other beautifully and logically. You can almost always spot a cyclist by their toned and defined legs, but cycling doesn’t work the upper body like it does the lower half. That’s where Pilates comes into play. Pilates strengthens the core of the body.

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10 Snacks for Your Post-Pilates Workout

After your Pilates workout, it’s tempting to go for that leftover pizza or pint of ice cream in your freezer. Instead of undoing all your hard work, opt for low-cal snacks that will tide you over and satisfy your sweet tooth. The carbohydrates in each will replenish energy, while the protein will provide amino acids to help rebuild muscle.

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