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Archives from November 2013

Get Trained by the best in Gyrotonic at Pilates in the Pines

Losing weight, toning the body and gaining more strength and flexibility are trends that never seem to go out of style. While yoga and Pilates are well known, the newest way to combine both forms of exercise into one workout is Gyrotonic®. Gyrotonic has a long list of celebrity followers including Julianne Moore, Liv Tyler, Madonna and even athletes like Tiger Woods. It’s the rare fitness studio that offers Gyrotonic workouts; Pilates in the Pines is one of the few.

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Get a Great Deal on Pilates in the Pines Beginner Classes

Doing Pilates makes you happy. It’s a fact! Research proves that regular exercise has a cumulative effect of creating happiness. Pilates helps bring back balance to your body and mind, conditions that net happiness. As sure as the movements of Pilates is the precursor to a healthier body, happiness is the precursor to success in life. Pilates. Balance + Happiness = Success.

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