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Archives from October 2013

How to Manage Stress with Pilates

Stress. You can’t live with it and you can’t live without it. While stress can do lots of harm to our bodies, from causing insomnia to stress on the heart, it can also serve as a motivator to get us to do what needs to be done. While that part is good, sort of, we’re far more concerned with the negative effects stress has on our bodies. Fortunately, pilates can help us manage that stress, and other benefits like creating a more balanced life in which you can do what needs to be done and what you WANT to get done.

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10 Reasons Pilates is the Perfect Cold Weather Workout

The warm weather and the beauty of our area makes it enticing to get outside and exercise, whether it’s along the creek in Manitou, down the streets of Colorado Springs or over the hilly terrain of Roxborough. But now that the temperatures are starting to drop and the occasional snowflake is starting to fly, it’s getting harder to get motivated to get out there. Where it’s cold. And it gets dark early. Brrrr!

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