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Archives from August 2013

Expert Trainers Essential to Safe Workouts

The only good exercise is safe exercise. When you use equipment you’re not familiar with or put yourself in situations you don’t understand, your self-improvement can turn into self-destruction. That’s why you’ll always be under the supervision of a certified trainer at Pilates in the Pines.

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Pilates is at the Core of a Stronger, Healthier You

It’s hard to know whether Joseph Pilates would be smiling or frowning at how long it took the fitness world to come around to the principles he advocated nearly a hundred years ago: Core strengthening.

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Dancers Drawn to Pilates

Given Joseph Pilates’ background it shouldn’t come as a surprise that his exercise method has found wide acceptance among dancers. Both he and his father were gymnasts and his exercise method was developed in consultation with exercise and dance experts. When he migrated to the U.S., he and his wife opened a studio in New York’s entertainment district to teach his routine to the fitness enthusiasts and dancers who were his earliest enthusiasts.

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