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Archives from May 2013

Pilates – It’s Not Just for XX

It’s true, most of the proponents extolling the virtues of Pilates on talk shows and infomercials are gorgeous females. But if you think Pilates is a girl thing, you’d better not tell that to Peyton Manning. Or Curt Schilling. Or Demarcus Ware. Or to the cab driver who picked you up at the airport.

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Pilates – The Celebrity Workout of Choice

Celebrities from Hollywood to Nashville to Broadway have chosen Pilates workouts to keep themselves fit and looking their best. Actress Anna Paquin says she’s “obsessed with Pilates.” Jennifer Anniston says, “I’m a Pilates person.” Oprah isn’t holding back, either. “Pilates really has changed my life,” she says.

Why are so many celebrities singing the praises of Pilates? Results. It’s that simple.

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