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The Link Between Exercise and Happiness

There are many reasons that a person might be drawn to the prospect of adding exercise to their lives. Exercise might be a means for you to lose weight or stay heart healthy, but there is another reason that you may want to consider implementing a good exercise plan into your daily life.

• Exercise can actually reduce the amount of stress and anxiety that you feel from your daily life. Since physical activity can encourage the release of endorphins in the body, there is a reduction in the feelings of stress and anxiety.

• In addition to the endorphins that the body produces most people will experience an increase in the production of antibodies that can help build your immune system. This means that the person who exercises regularly is going to be less likely to become sick. Having the increase in antibodies essentially means that you have your own little army that is out there hunting down unwanted viruses and bacteria within the body. The more you exercise the stronger your army will be and the fewer sicker days you will find in your day to day life.

• Exercise is known to reduce the levels of cortisol in your body. Ultimately, Cortisol is a hormone that is released when your body is under stress. It is intended to increase the immune system while in a vulnerable state, however, too much of this can weaken the ability to fight off illnesses. This is one reason that exercising can make you feel better overall, both physically and mentally. Having a healthy body that is fighting off illness is the best way to ensure that you are feeling your best.

A good exercise plan can help increase endorphins and can help you react to things in a better way and faster. The endorphins work to pass information along the brain’s neurons more effectively making it easier for you to make decisions and even fight off the feelings of pain. When you exercise your body produces these endorphins and they can quickly work to ease pain, help you brain react more quickly and help you to reach a feeling of elation. You will find that you are happier overall when you are exercising on a regular basis.

You don’t have to have an overzealous exercise plan in order to enjoy the happiness that can come from exercise. Many people find that adding stretching, walking and workout routines such as Yoga or Pilates to your day are things that can increase heart rate, get the blood pumping and increase the endorphins being produced in your body. This can make for a more enjoyable life and can reduce stress astronomically. In fact, many people find that implementing some kind of exercise into their daily life helps them to reduce the overall stress and to make better decisions in their life. Exercise is a great way to control your life and enjoy everything about it each day with stress being faced head on because of the wellbeing you gain from physical exercise.

Pilates in the Pines offers a full menu of authentic Pilates training, both free-form mat training and machine exercise with the Reformer. All classes are taught by Certified Pilates Teachers. As an incentive to get started and to keep going, Pilates in the Pines offers a special package of 10 Pilates Reformer classes for $200.

At Pilates in the Pines we are dedicated to improving lives and increasing happiness. To sign up for a class, Contact us today to or visit us at The Village at Castle Pines, east of the intersection of US 85 (Santa Fe Drive) and Happy Canyon Road just north of Castle Rock in Douglas county. Complete information about the studio, our location, and our classes is available on their website, www.pilatesinthepines.com.