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Spring into Shape With Pilates

After a long winter indoors, you’re probably ready to hit the ground running and get some fresh air. During the winter, many people reduce their activity level, sometimes for months. It’s important to work your way back to the level of exercise you ended last season with, not jump in too aggressively resulting in an injury. 

Fitness Tips To Get Moving Again

It’s no secret that exercise can improve one’s health and wellbeing as well increase intelligence. Iit can take up to 6 weeks to re-establish your fitness routine if you’ve taken any kind of a break from exercise over the winter.
Establish a schedule to work out 3-4 times per week on alternate days. This gives your body a break, but not so long that your muscles will stiffen up. Start with slow aerobic sessions. Add intervals as you progress. Don’t expect that you will back at your peak fitness level in a few weeks. It’s okay. Enjoy being outside without any self-imposed pressure.

Remember that spring means unpredictable weather. Be prepared with a backup plan so that if it’s cold and damp, you still get your exercise indoors. Increase your training slowly over time. Increase the distance you run or walk, the amount of weight you lift or the length of time you work out. Do not increase training by more than 10% each week. Also, never exercise in pain. If you have sharp pain or soreness that doesn’t seem to go away, do not push yourself. This is a sure sign of an injury.

A great way to get moving again and not losing steam is to vary your workouts. This may help you with your performance levels as well as help reduce your risk for overuse injuries. By choosing different exercises such as Pilates one day and running the next, you use different muscles in each workout, which promotes overall toning and strengthening throughout the body and not in just one area.

A good way to monitor your progress is to track your workouts. Jot down the workout type, how long you worked out, how much weight you lifted or any other details that can demonstrate your improvement. Many people find it helpful to work out with peers at a similar fitness level. The value in working out with an equal is that you’re not left feeling that you’re inadequate or behind in your training.

Get Moving Again With Pilates

Try Pilates today with a 50% off discount. Pilates in the Pines is currently offering a 10-class package special of Reformer Classes for just $200. Why not vary your workouts with Pilates? It’s perfect for those cold, rainy days this spring! Check the Class Schedule to find times that work best for your busy life.
Pilates in the Pines exists to help people lead happy, healthy lives. Owner and Operator, Cathy Bosson, is a certified Pilates trainer herself. Master Pilates teacher, Alana Norman, is also a certified Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® instructor. For more information, visit www.pilatesinthepines.com.