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Pilates Workouts for Busy People

In the financial world, the experts counsel people to “pay yourself first,” putting money in savings right off the top, even before paying bills. Why? Because it’s an investment in ourselves and ensures we put our well-being first. Great advice! And you know what? It applies to exercise too.
We’re all busy, from life being a little hectic to insanely busy. Particularly during the stressful times, exercise is essential to maintain good health. How can you fit a Pilates workout into your busy life? It’s easier than you think with some structure on your end and some help on ours:

1. Look at your day-to-day schedule to assess what time of day is best to steal away for a class. It might be first thing in the morning two days a week but after work on another. That’s okay as long as you establish a schedule and stick to it. When it becomes an automatic, scheduled thing you do for yourself, you’re less likely to let it slide. Consider it an appointment with yourself!
2. Besides your schedule, figure out when your energy is at its peak, or when you find you really need the boost and stress relief that Pilates brings you. Work around that so you can get the most impact from the workout. In other words, go with the flow of what your body is telling you.
3. When you find yourself stalling about going to a Pilates class or finding excuses to not go, have a picture in your head of the positive changes you are seeing in your body, the good feelings you had during your workout and the pride you felt in yourself after completing it. Call on those visions to help motivate you to go to recreate it all.
4. Set your workout outfit, shoes and water bottle out, in the open, where you’ll see it. Walking back and forth past the reminder will help motivate you.
5. Take advantage of our frequent classes. We have 2 to 3 classes each day, at convenient times, every day except Sunday and Tuesday. With all of those options, you can surely find classes that work with your energy, schedule and needs.

Next time you’re in for a class, talk to us. We can give you other motivational tips. Plus, we encourage you to talk to your fellow classmates. They’re probably going through the same struggles to make sure they fit Pilates into their lives. They may have suggestions too and at least you’ll know you’re not alone. Maybe you can even encourage each other to make a beautiful body, healthy mind and spirit the essential investment in self that it should be.