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Post Pilates Workout Tips

Pilates is the ideal post-workout practice to help your body recover and strengthen. Here’s our set of quick tips to help your body make the most of your workout:

1. Even though Pilates is about creating toned muscles, it is still important to do light stretches that will help muscles recover and increase your flexibility for future sessions.

2. Rehydrate. It is recommended that for every hour of exercise, you should consume 20-24 ounces of water to replenish what was lost during your workout.

3. It’s also important to have a post-workout snack that is high in protein and includes some carbohydrates. Protein helps repair muscles, in addition to helping the body utilize carbohydrates, which often decrease and cause fatigue during exercise. Examples of good post-workout snacks are a yogurt and banana, or chicken and brown rice. 

4. Because the majority of the body’s recovery occurs during this process, having a good night’s sleep is essential to enabling your body to recover from a workout. Growth hormone is produced in higher amounts during sleep, which is involved in tissue repair. 

5. Lastly, if you have muscle pains in your shoulder or neck, try ointments that increase blood flow to the area and will alleviate soreness.

Feeling great after your Pilates workout is as important as how you feel during it. So be sure to communicate with us during your workout. And feel free to contact us afterword if something doesn’t feel right. We can make recommendations catered to you, personally. Pilates in the Pines is here to help you, even after you’ve walked out the door.