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Post-Partum Recovery With Pilates

Congratulations! Mother and baby are doing well. Baby is gaining weight while mama is stressing over losing it.

From the hormone released into a mother-to-be’s body to relax tendons, preparing her for birthing, to producing milk enough to satisfy a newborn, the physical changes are accompanied by emotional ones. Once a woman gives birth, her uterus begins decreasing in size and repositioning itself inside the pelvis. But pulling on those pre-pregnancy jeans will require exercise.

Typically, the recommended wait time is a minimum of six weeks. That said, if you had a C-section or any difficulties during the birth, your doctor may want to you to wait longer before starting to exercise.

Postnatal Pilates is a great way to get back into shape. Since Pilates is low-impact and can easily be tempered and adjusted to meet your specific needs, it is a very gentle way to ease your body back into exercise. Additionally, Pilates focus on core strength and conditioning helps strengthen the pelvic floor as well as abs and back – all three of which play an integral role in literally lifting and picking up your new baby.

The benefits of joining a Pilates class after you give birth extend beyond the physical. Pilates classes offer a social outlet for new moms who need just a little “me-time” to relax and recharge.

Pilates in the Pines has certified Pilates instructors to train you on the movements required to recoup your pre-baby body in short order. See our calendar for group class times and dates.