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Pilates – The Celebrity Workout of Choice

Celebrities from Hollywood to Nashville to Broadway have chosen Pilates workouts to keep themselves fit and looking their best. Actress Anna Paquin says she’s “obsessed with Pilates.” Jennifer Anniston says, “I’m a Pilates person.” Oprah isn’t holding back, either. “Pilates really has changed my life,” she says.

Why are so many celebrities singing the praises of Pilates? Results. It’s that simple.

Looking good and feeling well are serious business to people who make their living in the public eye. In an industry that places a premium on youth and beauty, these folks are constantly searching for the Fountain of Youth or a “magic bullet” to stop the toll that age and stress take on them. Many have found that Pilates gives them the key to staying competitive in a business noted for grinding people up and casting them aside for “the next new face.”

Serious celebs have learned that regular workouts based on the Pilates system give them a better body shape, a leaner, longer appearance, and generally better overall fitness. It also is a great help in overcoming the stress that’s part of the demanding profession they have chosen.

Pilates stresses “centering” the body’s spine and core postural muscles. It teaches awareness of breathing and strengthening the deep muscles of the torso and abdomen. Originally conceived as a free-form series of exercises, today both free exercise and machine training are practiced.

The Pilates system allows students to add exercises and increase their intensity as their bodies adapt and develop. It has a beneficial effect on posture, muscle tone, and fluidity of motion, and has been credited with aiding everything from pregnancy to Parkinson’s disease.

Pilates in the Pines offers a full menu of authentic Pilates training, both free-form mat training and machine exercise with the Reformer. All classes are taught by Certified Pilates Teachers. As an incentive to get started and to keep going, Pilates in the Pines offers a special package of 10 Pilates Reformer classes for $200.

Pilates in the Pines is located in The Village at Castle Pines, east of the intersection of US 85 (Santa Fe Drive) and Happy Canyon Road just north of Castle Rock in Douglas county. Complete information about the studio, its location, and its classes is available on our web site, www.pilatesinthepines.com.