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Get Wellbeing and Weight Loss For The Holidays with Pilates

One of the greatest gifts that you can give to yourself during the holiday season is the gift of health and wellbeing. Regular Pilate’s exercises are a powerful way to increase weight loss and overall wellbeing. By focusing on core strength, Plates gets you centered, literally.

There are a number of benefits to picking up a new workout routine. Pilates can benefit you during the holiday season by:

• Keeping up with a workout routine throughout the holiday season will help you burn off any holiday pounds that you happen to gain along the way.

• Working out with a Pilates routine throughout the season will help you to avoid any guilt that you would normally have when splurging during the holidays. It's completely normal to splurge on delicious food during the holidays, but why feel guilty about it?

• Working out during the holiday season will keep you looking absolutely amazing for all of those holiday photos with your friends and family.

• Get the jump on looking great for New Year’s!

Most people devote themselves to the idea of working out and getting healthy for the New Year, but what is stopping you from starting now? Beginning the right exercise routine today is going to carry you through the holiday season. This way, when the New Year rolls around, you are not burning off the pounds you just gained during the holiday season. Instead, you will be getting healthy beyond that point because you had already taken care of your body all season long.

Pilates is a great workout concept for anyone looking to improve physical fitness and wellbeing. Pilates offers a number of benefits, many of which are unique to this style of fitness.

• Pilates works to strengthen your body from the core outward. Having a strong core is absolutely essential when it comes to being healthy and fit. Very few workout systems impact your core as positively as Pilates.

• Pilates focuses on concentration, breath and centering. It is an excellent active movement workout style for people who already enjoy yoga and stretching, but it has a much more profound impact on health and wellbeing.

• Pilates works every part of the body from the head to the feet, creating a strong core and strong, long and lean muscles.

• Pilates is largely adaptable, meaning that you can start out with beginner exercises and gradually add to your routine as it suits you. Pilates is perfect for every body type and every fitness level.

If you are looking for a way to stay fit and well during this holiday season, Pilates is the answer. This unique, dynamic workout style is ideal for everyone and will grow with your fitness level. You can start participating in Pilates today and will begin seeing a positive impact on your health, wellbeing and fitness level almost immediately.

Give yourself a new core for Christmas. Pilates in the Pines offers a full menu of authentic Pilates training, both free-form mat training and machine exercise with the Reformer. All classes are taught by Certified Pilates Teachers. As an incentive to get started and to keep going, Pilates in the Pines offers a special package of 10 Pilates Reformer classes for $200.

To sign up for a class, Contact us today to or visit us at The Village at Castle Pines, east of the intersection of US 85 (Santa Fe Drive) and Happy Canyon Road just north of Castle Rock in Douglas county. Complete information about the studio, our location, and our classes is available on their website, www.pilatesinthepines.com.