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Bust the Rut: Fitness Motivation Techniques That Work

It’s not uncommon to struggle to stay motivated to keep moving, especially when starting an exercise plan. Daily responsibilities and busy schedules tend to take priority, leaving exercise as a last thought. It’s essential to include regular exercise in your life to achieve and maintain mental and emotional health. If you’re looking for a way to jumpstart your attitude and stick to an exercise regime, the following techniques can keep you motivated.

Motivation Techniques

If you don’t know where you’re going then how will you manage to get there? Find motivation with clear and realistic goals that inspire you to get moving. For example, tell yourself, “I will run a marathon by the end of the year or I will lose one pants size by summer.” Set a goal and use it to inspire yourself to get moving each day. Also spread the word to your family and friends as they can cheer you on and support your effort to get healthy.

Next, create a workout schedule. By establishing a time to work out, you will be more inclined to follow through with your plan to improve your health. Sign up for a workout class at a local gym or set aside the same time each day to get yourself into the routine of working out regularly.

Ultimately, when you look good, you feel good. Shop for some comfortable and functional workout clothes that will inspire you to throw them on and get moving. Also make a point of buying a “target outfit,” one that you hang in the front of your closet as a daily reminder of the goal you want to reach. 

If you don’t particularly like something, you are not going to remain motivated to do it. Be sure to choose a workout that you enjoy: spinning, Pilates, yoga, running or walking. Some people even love changing it up throughout the week preventing them from getting bored of working on any particular day.

Monitor your progress including your weight, endurance or just general well-being. Record your journey as this allows you to identify things that work and don’t work for you.

Most importantly, reward yourself. Find a way to celebrate your progress by offering yourself a reward such as a manicure, a new book, a video game or a new pair of shoes.

Remember that the more you personalize your plan, the more likely you will be to push through barriers and achieve results.

Try Something New With Pilates

You’re in luck! Pilates in the Pines is currently offering a 10-class package of Reformer Classes for just $200 (a 50% off discount). Now is the time to get moving and bust that rut and get your summer body back. Take a look at their Class Schedule to find classes that fit your schedule and fitness level best.

Pilates in the Pines is dedicated to helping people lead more healthy and happy lives. Now in its 10th year, Pilates in the Pines studio has changed the lives of customers in Castle Pines and the surrounding metro-Denver suburbs. Owner and Operator of Pilates in the Pines, Cathy Bosson, is a certified Pilates trainer. Master Pilates teacher, Alana Norman, is also a certified Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® instructor. For more helpful information about the studio and class offerings, visit www.pilatesinthepines.com.