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Pilates Benefits for Kids + Teens

Pilates is a superior way for adults to stay active and in-shape. It is one of the few forms of exercise that implements both strength and flexibility in equal parts.

The same goes for young people — kids and teens.

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Recruit a Pilates Buddy and Increase Success

When you enjoy something, it’s only natural to talk it up to your friends, family, and acquaintances. Odds are you’ll invite them to join you in a class sometime. A workout is double the fun when shared. Experience shows it’s also likely to be 10 x more motivating when you attend with a friend.

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10 Things You Should Know Before Your First Pilates Class

Starting something new can be daunting. If you’ve never worked out before or consider yourself to be highly uncoordinated, the thought of taking a group class can inspire intimidating thoughts: What if you mess up? What if everyone there is really good? What if people laugh or judge you?

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Eating for Exercise – Essentials You Need to Know to Perform Your Best

For many people who work out, finding the right active diet can be difficult. You don’t want to work out on a full stomach, but at the same time, if you go into a workout on an empty stomach, you’re going to struggle. So how do you find a happy medium?

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Pilates Smart Phone Apps

As smart phones facilitate many facets of our lives, it is only reasonable that the all-mighty app creators would come up with apps to help us navigate our fitness world. There are apps to track how far you’ve run, what you’ve had to eat, and even your sleep cycles. So how can apps help your Pilates practice?

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