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Seniors Discover the Benefits of Pilates

There’s no denying that age takes its toll on our bodies. Bones lose density, joints tighten up and endurance falls off. But just like finding the right mechanic to keep that classic Mustang in your garage running for decades, the right exercise program can keep your maturing body humming along the highway of life, too. Increasing numbers of seasoned citizens are finding their answer in Pilates.

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Looking Great for Summer the Pilates Way

The Fourth of July weekend is upon us already, but there’s still plenty of summer left. That means there’s time to work on the longer and leaner body you want to show off at the beach or in the park. Unlike conditioning and body-building routines that focus on specific areas like gleuts or abs, Pilates is a total body approach that results in a harmonized overall appearance that’s healthier and ultimately more attractive. By concentrating on core strength and stability, Pilates builds strength without excess bulk, resulting in a sleek, toned body with a flat abdomen and leaner longer-looking legs. An important part of Pilates training is body awareness that leads to good posture and more graceful movement while improving flexibility and agility.

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