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Recruit a Pilates Buddy and Increase Success

When you enjoy something, it’s only natural to talk it up to your friends, family, and acquaintances. Odds are you’ll invite them to join you in a class sometime. A workout is double the fun when shared. Experience shows it’s also likely to be 10 x more motivating when you attend with a friend.

Partner Pilates

We’ve coined the term “Partner Pilates” for friends and co-workers who attend Pilates classes together. Psychologists have studied the impact of a buddy participating in any life changing effort. It works when frequenting diet centers, stop smoking clinics, noon walkabouts during the workweek. It’s simply easier to let yourself down by not going back for a second workout than it is to disappoint a friend. There’s something about friendship that inspires allegiance. So bring a friend with you and you’re less likely to quit any new effort.

Step It Up

If you think poses by yourself can be challenging, try adding another body that you can’t control to the mix. Practicing Pilates with a partner opens an array of new poses, unique challenges, and teamwork that can change the way you look at your Pilates practice. Partner Pilates requires a level of trust in your partner. She’s the one who keeps you on track; you’re the one who keeps her on track. So it’s important to make sure that the partner you invite to participate in Pilates is someone you trust.

The Benefits

Synergy and collaboration used to perform each pose can offer an entirely new twist to your definition of teamwork. It takes self-awareness and awareness of others. It gives you a chance to connect with your partner on a new level. This connection makes partner Pilates very popular for couples, albeit you don’t have to be an official couple to partner up for Pilates sessions.

Interestingly, partner Pilates can lead to just as much self-discovery as it does partner discovery. As you maneuver through the poses, you will find that give-and-take is required for both partners. Pilates encourages students to push the limits of your comfort-zone. This will often require you to set aside your instinctive proclivities and communicate your needs with your partner at a basic level. In turn that fosters true communication.

Bear in mind that your Pilates partner does not have to be a romantic partner. It can be a friend, family member, or even a coworker or even a Pilates classmate.  A number of different poses require that you rely on your partner’s strength or balance to maintain the pose, and you have to be absolutely certain that she/he will not lose focus.

Working together, you will need to accommodate his or her strengths, weaknesses and abilities. Neither of you should attempt exercises that are beyond your individual limits. It is also crucial to remember that Pilates is not a competition. You are not there to see who can do the hardest pose or hold a certain position the longest. Your responsibility is to ensure the safety of your partner and yourself, and while you should be challenged, you should strive to maintain complete control as you attempt Pilates’ positions.

Join Us

Pilates in the Pines has master instructors to train partners to spot and support poses to avoid injury. Call the studio to make an appointment for a first visit or see our online schedule and show up for a class. It will be life changing.