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"Pilates in the Pines is the epicenter for wellness and relaxation
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Pilates in the Pines is Making Major Upgrades

Pilates in the Pines, located in the Village at Castle Pines offers the highest level of experience and expertise in Colorado. Alana Norman, Co-Owner & Founder is a Master Pilates Instructor with over 28 years teaching experience. She has been certified in GYROTONIC® for the last 11 years. Cathy Bosson, Co-Owner & Founder is also certified in Pilates and GYROTONIC® and has been teaching for more than 10 years. Both are certified in all the specialized GYROTONIC® equipment. Pilates in the Pines also features a complete array of traditional Pilates equipment and a host of other cutting-edge fitness devices that add many technological advances to Joseph Pilates’ original designs (see the Avalon Arm Chair Box and the Barrel). Additionally, Alana and Cathy have made a commitment to their new technology and have gone through rigorous training so that they can expertly and confidently instruct their clients to receive maximum benefits.

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