ALANA NORMAN, Founder | Co-owner | General Manager, Master Pilates Teacher and Certified GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS®, and specialized Gyrotonic® equipment teacher. Alana brings more than 30 years of dedicated Pilates, wellness and medical experience to Pilates in the Pines. She began studying Pilates in the early 1970s under the tutelage of its premier disciples including Ron Fletcher, Bruce King, Romana Kryzanowska and Eve Gentry. She went on to graduate from the Chinese School of Medicine with an emphasis on neuromuscular, Swedish and deep tissue massage.
“My philosophy of looking at the whole person is founded in the neuromuscular retraining from the inside out that Pilates offers,” she says.
Most of the students that Alana trains suffer from some kind of condition or issue with their body, from stroke victims to athletes with sports injuries. The refinement of pure Pilates is not something Alana takes lightly. “Pilates is best under the instruction of an expert,” she says. “Our approach at Pilates in the Pines is classic and clinically safe.”

CATHY BOSSON, Founder | Co-owner of Pilates in the Pines, is certified in the practices of Pilates as well as GYROTONIC®, and specialized Gyrotonic® equipment. Cathy makes a point to visit and workout at Pilates studios throughout the country on her travels.  Several years ago, Cathy was referred to Alana for rehabilitative training having injured both of her knees. The manifold benefits of Pilates soon became evident and were the major factor in a shortened recovery for her injuries. It took three years for Cathy and Alana to locate the perfect site for their enterprise and in 2003, the pair opened the doors of Pilates in the Pines.